HVAC&R for Merchant Vessels


Heinen & Hopman has built up an extensive expertise in the design and installation of HVAC technology for the merchant sector. While the term merchant fleet encompasses a highly diverse range of vessels, Heinen & Hopman uses the term to refer to the maritime transport fleet only. We supply systems for passenger vessels, RoRo vessels (ferries), combinations of the two (RoRo-Pass), and various types of cargo vessels (container, bulk, vehicle transport, oil and gas), among others.

Completely custom-built

Our in-house engineering and production departments enable us to work flexibly, and we have extensive testing and training facilities. A global network supplies both service and spare parts. The main HVAC equipment supplied by Heinen & Hopman to the maritime shipping sector includes heating, mechanical ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration.

The highest quality as standard

Our working method

How we work in 5 steps

1 - Consultancy & pre-engineering

1 - Consultancy & pre-engineering

2 - In House project execution

3 - Delivery

4 - On Site project execution

5 - After Sales


HVAC and Refrigeration for Merchant Vessels

You can rely on Heinen & Hopman to deploy the know-how and expertise required to solve any heating, ventilation and air conditioning issue onboard merchant ships. We see complexity as a challenge, no matter where your vessel may be.

For the maritime transportation sector, efficiency and saving on operation costs is the number one consideration in HVAC system design.
Paul Spoorenberg - Sales Manager