Pure Car Truck Carriers

Pure Car Truck Carriers
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Country of deliveryChina
Delivery year2017
IMO NO.t.b.a.
Length182.2 m
Name vesselt.b.a.
OwnerGrimaldi Group
ShipyardYangfan Group Co., LTD
SubsidiaryH&H China
Vessel typeCarrier

Mechanical Ventilation | Pure Car Truck Carriers

Heinen & Hopman China was awarded a contract to supply the mechanical ventilation for a series of  five vessels for Grimaldi Group. The Grimaldi Group is a multi-international logistics group specialized in the operation of roll-on/roll-off vessels, car carriers and ferries.

The five units will each be able to transport over 7.800 rolling units and will be used on routes linking Europe to North-America. These routes are particularly dedicated to shipping of the vehicles manufactured by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). The vessels’ three flexible decks can move up and down to adapt to the different types of vehicles transported.

Mechanical Ventilation Systems

Heinen & Hopman China delivered the cargo hold ventilation and engine room ventilation systems. The available space for cargo ventilation fans on open deck and for ducting inside cargo areas is extremely limited. Heinen & Hopman China worked closely with the shipyard and developed the most reasonable, energy-saving solution for the operating model and duct layout, which will suit the challenging conditions onboard and offer good air distribution at all times. The required noise levels for open decks and inside car deck are 85 dB(A).

Innovative fan hoods

GRP fan hoods were adapted for this project. The GRP fan hood was pre-manufactured and assembled together with the fan, silencer and fire damper. Compared with conventional deck house for the cargo hold fans and engine rooms fans, the GRP fan hood has the following advantages:

  • Greatly reduces the installation work of the shipyard.
  • The GRP fan hood is much lighter than conventional steel deck house.
  • In total, 50 GPR fan hoods for cargo hold and 4 GRP fan hoods for the engine room lead to a lighter hull structure, which further reduces the weight of the vessel.
  • At the end, the vessel will operate more cost-efficiently and consume less fuel.

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