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Engineering & Advice

Engineering & Advice

Heinen & Hopman is a leader in the design and engineering of HVAC systems for maritime and offshore environments. With over 50 years of experience in HVAC design and a track record of more than 10,000 installed HVAC systems, we can come up with an excellent solution for any type of vessel sailing anywhere in the world. We start the design and engineering process with a thorough investigation of the client’s needs and the vessel’s layout. This way we can perfectly integrate the HVAC in the design of the ship in order to save the limited available space. Additional space can be saved with our custom-built chillers that are specially tailored to your project.

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New build, refit and conversions

We can offer consultancy in the pre-engineering phase of a new build project, but we can also perform the complete engineering or a FEED study. You can rely on us for refit and conversion projects as well. By involving us in an early stage, you can avoid delays and additional costs, caused by extremely long delivery times. We will examine the expected design conditions and cooling capacity of existing equipment onboard in order to design the best refit solution.

CFD analysis

We can also carry out Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis. CFD enables us to realistically simulate air flows within the project space in advance. As a result, we can accurately predict where deficiencies in the HVAC system may occur, such as drafts, high levels of turbulence, high pressure drop and poor air distribution. This allows us to optimise the HVAC system’s design and ensure comfort and effectiveness – before actual installation work begins.

We start the design and engineering process with a thorough investigation of the client's needs and the vessel's layout.
Paul Spoorenberg

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