Research vessel ventilation

In order to prevent health issues and humidity related problems, it’s crucial that research vessels are outfitted with superior ventilation systems. Heinen & Hopman ventilation technology for research vessels benefit the air quality onboard by providing fresh air and regulating humidity levels whilst keeping noise within limits.

Engine room ventilation

In many vessels, there is enough air for engines to burn their fuel, but not enough to cool the engine room as well. Since warm air doesn’t hold as much oxygen, engines end up with less power, and less efficiency. To assure peak performance, high energy-efficiency and operational safety of the equipment in technical spaces, our ventilation solutions ensure an optimal extraction of the combustion air. If required, our ventilation systems can be redundantly executed to offer more certainty during distant voyages.

Minimising noise from onboard machinery

Research vessels that are equipped with acoustic equipment to allow scientists to accurately map the deepest layer of the oceans need to operate extremely quiet (DNV-Silent-R compliant). Creating whisper-quiet ventilation systems is our expertise. By applying sound insulation, proper design of ducting, selection of low noise equipment – such as engine room coolers, Turbocor chillers and mist eliminators – and smart design we can assure minimum interference between sonar testing equipment and onboard equipment.

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