Expedition yacht ventilation

In case the indoor climate onboard your expedition yacht is too humid, fumes and mold may develop, threatening the interior and passengers’ health. In order to prevent health issues and humidity related problems, it’s crucial that expedition yachts are outfitted with superior ventilation systems. Our mechanical ventilation systems benefit your comfort and the air quality onboard by providing fresh air, regulating humidity levels and keeping odors from spreading through the yacht.

Engine room ventilation

In many vessels, there is enough air for engines to burn their fuel, but not enough to cool the engine room as well. Since warm air doesn’t hold as much oxygen, engines end up with less power, and less efficiency. To assure peak performance, high energy-efficiency and operational safety of the equipment in technical spaces, Heinen & Hopman delivers proven solutions ensuring an optimal extraction of the combustion air. Our ventilation systems are redundantly executed to offer our clients more certainty during their distant voyages. Our ventilation technology keeps equipment in the engine room clean and in better working order, increases engine life and reduces the required maintenance.

Engine room cooling

Engine room ventilation takes up a lot of space from the accommodation. Our engine room coolers reduce the required air volume and duct dimensions by 60 – 70%, while controlling the temperature and the pressure in the engine room. The system reduces the sound level and results in a cleaner engine room, because salty and dirty air can’t enter the engine room. Therefore, less maintenance is required.

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