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Country of deliveryThe Netherlands
Delivery year2011
Length85.3 m
Name vesselMS RheinFantasie
ShipyardDe Hoop Shipyard
SubsidiaryH&H Headquarters
Vessel typeRiver Cruise Vessel

HVAC | MS RheinFantasie

The MS RheinFantasie is a multifunctional river cruise vessel operated by the German cruise company KD. The ship is a monohull, four-deck vessel with 1600 m² in enclosed areas and a 900 m² sundeck. At 85 metres in length, Rheinfantasie has a capacity for 1000 guests in her interior spaces, from restaurants to bars and the event room. Below deck are cabins to accommodate 31 crew members, all with their own sanitary unit. The vessel is designed for German inland temperatures, i.e., a maximum outdoor temperature of 32 degrees and inside temperature of 28 degrees with 50 percent relative humidity.


Heinen & Hopman’s brief was to ensure that the HVAC installation would be capable of maintaining an indoor temperature of 28 degrees in both the restaurants (event spaces) and the crew area at all times. Most important for the engineering were the large panoramic windows wrapping around the whole boat and the fact that up to 1000 guests could be staying onboard at any given time. This had the biggest influence on the HVAC system.

Since the ceiling height is 5.9 m and large air capacities were needed, the supply air design and ducting had to be chosen very careful. We also used sound dampers wherever possible due to noise requirements. Furthermore, we had to ventilate the main stage and make sure artists would not be inconvenienced by heat or draughts.

Scope of work

The scope of work for Heinen & Hopman involved the complete HVAC system, including:

  • Engineering
  • Delivery of materials
  • Labour/installation
  • Commissioning

All work took place in the Netherlands. The engineering was completed at our headquarters in the Netherlands, while mounting and commissioning was carried out at De Hoop Shipyards in the Netherlands.

The installation included all the ventilation ducting and chilled/central heating piping inside the accommodations. We also delivered the ventilation for technical spaces such as the engine, bowthruster and steering gear rooms. Finally, we supplied the controls and switchboard for the main chiller, ventilation units and central heating and sanitary boiler.



The three air handling units supply cold or warm air to all guests and staff. Designed for 100% fresh air, they are located outside on the top of the aft deck to save space inboard. As the cruise ship does not sail during winter, we designed the heating system to work with 100% recirculation air to keep the ship at a constant five degrees during this period.

Fifteen fans were used for mechanical ventilation, including closing devices & grills and weather louvers. These fans were mainly used for the engine room, bowthruster room, sanitary, stores, etc. The crew accommodation is equipped with fan coil units and re-heaters for independent room temperature control.

Scope of supply

  • 3x main air handling units
  • 23x fan coil units, including controls
  • 15x axial/centrifugal fans
  • 1x lot of ducting, including decorative grills
  • Sound dampers
  • 1x fire dampers
  • 1x smoke dampers and closing devices
  • 1x chilled water unit, including controls
  • 2x chilled water pumps
  • 1x chilled water piping, including insulation
  • Central heating boiler, including oil fired burner (three-stage)
  • 2x central heating pump
  • Sanitary boiler, including controls
  • 1x central heating piping, including insulation
  • 1x water heaters
  • Control panels

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