CFD Analysis & Consultancy

CFD Analysis & Consultancy

Using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology, we can finely tune your HVAC installation to meet specific requirements before even mounting a single piece of equipment onboard your ship. CFD enables us to realistically simulate air flows within the project space in advance. As a result, we can accurately predict where deficiencies in the HVAC system may occur, such as drafts, high levels of turbulence, high pressure drop and poor air distribution. This allows us to optimise the HVAC system’s design and ensure comfort and effectiveness – before actual installation work begins.

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The simulations account for all kinds of factors that influence air flows and temperatures. They help create finely tuned designs even for installations in very confined spaces. CFD considers everything from the influence of sunlight to the layout of the rooms and the placement of air vents around furnishings, resulting in a comfort analysis and/or product validation. The goal is to figure out the best air circulation solutions for the specific project space.

Benefits of CFD

  • Avoid problems before they even occur
  • Save time and costs during the design and installation
  • Reduce costs for prototyping by carrying out virtual testing
  • Reduce costs for real-time testing by testing virtual mock-up
  • Optimized performance of the HVAC system
  • Visualizing HVAC, seeing is understanding and believing.
  • Most of all: peace of mind

Why a CFD Analysis?

CFD is a well-established technology in many industries. Investing in virtual CFD analyses will save you from large costs in real live testing and validation. Moreover, potential high expenses for adapting the HVAC system on-site after installation are avoided. Additionally, getting a CFD analysis in an early stage of the HVAC design process, will generate a huge beneficial insight and will help you determine the optimal air flow in every single space. These insights can save you loads of money and have been proven to be a valuable, powerful and innovative service to optimize the HVAC design, resulting in increased comfort and effectiveness.

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CFD Analysis & Consultancy

A CFD analysis identifies problems before they even occur. The simulation helps you validate your HVAC design before installation, resulting in optimized system performance.

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