HVAC and Refrigeration for Merchant Vessels

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HVAC and Refrigeration for Merchant Vessels

Commercial shipping is of far greater importance to our world than many people realise. While slower than road, rail or air, the merchant marine fleet carries the bulk of international trade and ensures the interconnections that make global business possible.

As the pressure on logistics grows, suppliers to the merchant marine must have specific knowledge with regard to both the cargo and the crewmembers working onboard. Most of the equipment you require needs to be tailor-made according to your precise requirements. With both the specialised knowledge and more than 50 years of experience in the field onboard more than 7.000 ships, Heinen & Hopman has the answers.

Another key reason to partner with us in the HVAC field is our specialised knowledge of specific climate conditions around the world. From 24/7 hot spots to freezing seas, our expertise and capabilities will prove invaluable. You can rely on Heinen & Hopman from the earliest design stage to the commissioning. And even when your vessel is operational, the global coverage by our qualified agents and subsidiaries guarantees first class service and assistance at all times.

In short, you can rely on Heinen & Hopman to deploy the know-how and expertise required to solve any heating, ventilation and air conditioning issue onboard merchant ships. We see complexity as a challenge, no matter where your vessel may be.

When required to navigate to regions with extreme climates far from supply lines, it’s important to know you can rely on your HVAC system no matter what.
Michel Veltman - Sales Manager