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High service through a great archive!
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High service through a great archive!

Unique, old and new spare parts for HVAC installations

– by Chiel de Graaf, 25 April 2016

Heinen & Hopman’s expertise in innovative installations for air conditioning, heating, ventilation and cooling is an interesting world. Even behind the scenes. One of these fields is Heinen & Hopman’s spare parts department. A wide-ranged Spare Parts Department for onshore and offshore climate control installations which has grown over the last 20 years to one of the most essential departments of our organisation. In this blog, you will read all about our services.

Back to the seventies

From 1970, the demand for spare parts started to increase annually. In 1995 we decided to form a department specialized in  handling requests for spare parts of old and new installations. In the beginning this department was run by one single employee. Nowadays, we are a team of eight highly motivated employees who are trained to assist vessel owners and companies with any spares-related questions or demands they might have.

Up-to-date archive

At the spare parts department we often receive questions concerning aged projects. Therefore it’s essential that our archive is always up-to-date. Thanks to the archive, we are able to retrieve historical data in order to find out what type of spare parts our clients need for their vessel. For example: we recently received a request for a compressor which was installed on a yacht built in 1993. The customer no longer had any kind of  information about the specific type. They asked for our help to find out what type was installed. Research in the archive gave us the original project deliveries and thus the compressor type. The next day he ordered the replacement compressor and we delivered shortly after.

The project files in our archive go back to 1970

Quick delivery as a unique selling point

We fully understand that clients rather have parts delivered yesterday than today. Therefore, the goal is to process all orders, questions and demands within 24 hours. The team works throughout the day on requests, orders and preparing spare parts lists for newly build and existing projects. As we have a lot of parts in stock, we can handly an order within a few hours and deliver those parts within 1-2 working day(s) all around the world. For OEM parts, we work closely together with factories and sub suppliers, to make sure we can deliver within a few days. Some parts are custom made and have a longer lead time. Nevertheless, we always keep our customers informed about the actual delivery time.

Chiel de Graaf │Sales Representative Spares

Chiel de Graaf has been working at Heinen & Hopman for over 4.5 years at the spare parts department. This department keeps all the information about historical spare parts, OEM and in stock parts up-to-date.