Unit heaters

Unit heaters

The unit heaters are primarily used to heat large spaces outside the accommodation like workshops, engine room, etc. The heating is done by hot-air supply through a heating coil. There are different types of heating units:

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Electrical heating unit

VLE heating units are mainly used in rough environments where boiler water is not available. The heating units are available from 3 kW to 36 kW.

Explosion-proof electrical heating unit

FE2 heating units are ATEX certified unit heaters, specially developed for Ex II and EX IIB zone. The heating units are available from 2.5 kW to 23.1 kW.

Hot-water heating unit

TGA heating units are the most common heating units used offshore and on board ships. The hot water from the boiler acts as heating medium. Steam can also be used as heating medium for higher efficiency. The heating units are available from 8.1 kW to 100 kW.

Thermal-oil heating unit

Thermal-oil heating units are functionally similar to hot-water heating units. The heating units are mainly used in areas with extremely low temperatures. Thermal oil acts as heating medium. Thermal oil has a low freezing point and a high temperature limit up to 400 °C.

Portable heating unit

Delta electrical heating units are easily movable and can be mounted to the wall with brackets for permanent installation. The heating units are available from 3 kW to 21 kW

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Unit Heaters

The unit heaters are primary used to heat large spaces outside the accommodation like workshops, engine room, etc. The heating is done by hot-air supply through a heating coil.

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