Axial Fans (WMOR and WMOD)

Axial Fans (WMOR and WMOD)

The WMOR and WMOD marine axial fans are for operation in ventilation systems of seagoing ships with unrestricted cruising area as well as offshore objects. The fans can be used as supply or exhaust fans. The fans can be installed inside the compartments or on weather decks.

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Made of steel pipe ended with drilled flanges, welded. The casing has an air guide, to which an electric motor-impeller set is screwed. Optimal surface protection thanks to hotdip galvanizing. Special coatings with marine paints are available on request. WMOD fans have a hinged door to which the air guide with motor-impeller set is fastened.


Made of aluminum alloys. Sea-water-resistant. Impeller blades screwed to the hub. Impeller dynamically balanced.


3-phase motor, in marine execution, induction, squirrel cage. The motors are available with mains supply at 50 Hz and 60 Hz.


As an option, the fans are available in an explosion-proof design.

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Axial fans – WMOR and WMOD fans

With our wide range of fans, we can offer you the ultimate ventilation system for each situation. Our high quality fans are designed to withstand all climate conditions. The fans comply with all requisite class and government regulations.

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