What is the importance of pressure in an HVAC system?

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What is the importance of pressure in an HVAC system?
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What is the importance of pressure in an HVAC system?

– by Paul Spoorenberg, 26/02/2019

Measuring blood pressure is a routine check during a doctor’s visit. Blood pressure is an indicator of health and should fall within an optimal range – not too high and not too low. The same goes for HVAC systems: pressure is a major indicator of the health of a system.

Systems under pressure

Several parts of an HVAC system operate under pressure. This includes the ducting system for instance. A pressure difference is created by a fan to transport air across the vessel.

The same applies in the hot and cold-water system. There is always a certain pressure inside the piping network to ensure that water circulates.

Similarly, in a cooling machine, the whole process of evaporation and condensation is made possible by applying the right pressure and temperature. In other words, pressure is an important property for HVAC systems.

Heart attack

A couple of years ago, an elderly man walked the street hand in hand with his wife. It was a Sunday evening in late winter. One moment he was avoiding icy spots on the street and then suddenly everything went black.

When he woke up, unfamiliar faces were hovering above him and blue and white lights were flashing. As the paramedics carried him into the ambulance, he realised that something bad had happened to him. It was a heart attack.

Keeping your system healthy

In the course of his life, the arteries inside the man’s body had narrowed. On that fateful Sunday evening, a key artery in his body – you could say one of the main ducts of his system – became simply too constricted to function properly. Over the years dirt and contaminants had gradually blocked it, forcing his blood pressure up until his heart malfunctioned with devastating effects to his system.

You don’t have to be old to get to have high blood pressure. Even younger people can develop it if they have an unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking, an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise all affect your system.

An HVAC system works the same way. Keeping it in good condition prevents it from failing. What can you do to keep it in shape?

Cleaning air filters

Clean your air filters on a regular base to prevent pressure drops. Even better, equip the filters with a pressure differential switch. This will automatically warn you when the pressure difference gets too high.

Filtering chilled water

Over time, the piping network gets polluted due to corrosion, limescale or even slug. A filtering system will keep your system healthy at all times.  

Cleaning ducts 

Parts of your duct system will eventually get polluted no matter how large your filters are. Examples include a galley ducting system. Proper duct cleaning removes all the dirt and dust out of the ducting, making it fresh and effective once more.

To find out more ways of keeping your system in good shape or seeing what the best solution for your vessel is, contact one of our engineers.

Paul Spoorenberg | Sales Manager

Paul Spoorenberg has been working at H&H since 1994. During his career he gained valuable expertise in HVAC solutions for all kind of vessels in the Commercial, Offshore, Naval & Yacht segments.