Submarine air conditioning

One of the challenges in designing an HVAC system for a submarine is caused by its operational characteristics; steep diving and 45º roll. Submarines encounter very challenging maneuvering capabilities which require special HVAC systems suitable for 45º inclinations. This requirement differentiates almost all submarine chiller and DX systems from surface ships. Special design has to be implemented to overcome such challenges.

Perfect aging for batteries

Also, a battery-powered (diesel) ship’s power source always changes, because batteries tend to have higher voltage after running diesels and much lower voltages before running them again. Therefore, equipment has to be designed with absolute precision to provide the required cooling capacity. Our magnetic chillers can start with only two amps, which provides perfect aging for batteries. Also due to its magnetic bearings; it has theoretically almost 100% efficiency.

Minimal structureal and airborne noise

We have developed chillers with magnetic bearing compressors that can provide very low air and structural borne noise. Moreover, their oil-less design enables reduced maintenance as well as longer efficiency through equipment life. Also; we have scroll or reciprocating compressor solutions for lower capacity needs which comes with high standard noise insulation. These chillers also provide very low structural and airborne noise compared to its contenders.

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