Sailing yacht ventilation

Ventilation is one of the most important systems on your sailing yacht. Without it, accommodation areas become musty, hot and suffer from condensation. This makes the accommodation areas an unhealthy environment to be in, causes corrosion on equipment and mold on furniture. Our mechanical ventilation technology benefits the air quality onboard by providing fresh air and regulating humidity levels.

Air is just as crucial as fuel

Engine room ventilation assures that your engines are getting the proper volume of fresh air for combustion. In case the temperature inside the engine room is too high though, the air becomes hot and contains less oxygen than cooler air, which is what engines need to combust fuel. A lack of oxygen causes engines to end up with less power and, even worse, the engines can get choked up. With adequate engine room ventilation, engines can operate at peak performance, requiring less fuel and thus saving money on fuel costs.

Engine room cooling

We can supply an engine room cooling system for your yacht as well. Engine room ventilation takes up a lot of space from the accommodation. An engine room cooling system reduces the required air volume and duct dimensions by 60 – 70 %. Less required air volume results in less noise inside the engine room and a more silent outdoor climate. Our ventilation technology keeps your engine room clean and free from salt and dirt, increasing the engine’s life span and reducing the required maintenance.

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