Sailing yacht heating

Getting a heating system installed on your sailing yacht makes early and late season boating significantly more pleasant and allows for exploring colder climates. Enjoy summer temperatures below deck – also during colder months – with a Heinen & Hopman heating system, assured that you and your guests remain cozy and comfortable.

Protect your yacht’s interior

Reliable central heating is vital for the quality of your interior as well. Temperature, but even more so humidity, has a great impact on natural materials such as woods and leather. A dry environment may cause natural materials to crack, resulting in high damage. We make sure your interior stays in perfect conditions through constantly maintaining the right temperature and humidity level.

Economical, powerful and reliable

While consuming less energy for propulsion than motor yachts, a lot of energy is still required to operate the HVAC and refrigeration system of sailing yachts. By applying energy-saving technologies, our HVAC systems consume less energy while still maintaining comfortable temperatures below deck. We use high-efficiency fans, we build high-efficiency chillers, we implement heat recovery systems and we use advanced HVAC control technology to achieve maximum efficiency of the HVAC system.

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