Sailing yacht air conditioning

Fun in the sun is great, but nothing says comfort like high-quality air conditioning when you want to get out of the heat. Our sailing yacht air conditioning systems assure you of exactly the right temperature, humidity level and air flow to experience the highest level of comfort onboard. By controlling the humidity level inside the sailing yacht, the interior and equipment stay in good shape as well.

As unnoticeable as possible

Our air conditioning systems for sailing yachts are completely custom-built in order to meet the client’s desires and technical requirements. Taking into account the proposed area of operation, yacht layout, desired target temperatures, number of occupants, construction materials etc. we design a system that exactly fits your needs. Our AC systems are perfectly integrated in the yacht’s design, whisper-quiet, draught-free and vibration-free to make them as unnoticeable as possible.

Contributing to sustainability

In our quest to more environmentally-friendly alternatives for traditional HVAC technology, we are constantly researching and developing energy-saving solutions for our customers. By decreasing the HVAC system’s power consumption through recycling energy and smart design we offer our customers more sustainable options that help them safe money on fuel costs as well.

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