Research vessel heating

Due to the demanding nature of work, research vessels are often constructed around an icebreaker hull, allowing them to operate in Polar Regions. Our sturdy heating systems keep all scientists onboard warm and comfortable during remote voyages in icy waters. Furthermore, protection measures are required to ensure research vessels remain operational during cold winter months, such as engine room and technical space heating and heating of the emergency generator. Executed in stainless steel, all our HVAC equipment is extremely durable and suitable for seagoing vessels.

Energy-saving solutions

A substantial part of the total energy consumption of a ship comes from the HVAC system. In our quest to develop energy saving HVAC technology without compromising on comfort, we aim to offer our clients cost effective solutions with a high return on investment. Our innovative products – like the Turbocor chiller – and advanced automation technology result in significant efficiency gains.

Gather more observations and data

Modern research vessels are built to endure up to 60 days in sea-ice to enable scientists to gather more observations and data. Autonomy requires maintenance friendly technology, independent of time-consuming spare part deliveries in remote areas. Consequently, our focus is on easily maintainable systems and high-quality equipment with a long lifespan and minimum wear and tear.

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