Refrigeration systems for carriers

The refrigeration plants on a bulk cargo carrier play a vital part in carrying refrigerated cargo and provisions for the crew. The main purpose of a ship’s provision refrigeration plant is to avoid any damage to the cargo or perishable material so that it is transported in good and healthy condition. Refrigeration prevents growth of micro-organisms, oxidation, fermentation and drying out of cargo etc. Our custom-built refrigeration plants are carefully designed, taking into consideration the vessel, its operation purpose and the amount of crew to determine the appropriate cooling demand. Particular emphasis is put on small dimensions, low weight, easy maintenance and compact design.

Operating in ECA waters

When the bulk cargo carriers will be sailing in ECA waters, fueling the engines with (low sulphur) MGO is required. Operating MGO could cause damage to the engine fuel pump, because the fuel is lower in viscosity and poorly lubricating. Our MGO cooler precisely controls the MGO temperature and protects any type of engine when fuel is switched from HFO to MGO.

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