Production platform ventilation systems

Fresh air is vital to both personnel and machinery. A Heinen & Hopman ventilation system suitable for offshore applications provides the living quarters with sufficient fresh air to assure high indoor air quality for the crew. By using purge and pressurization systems for living quarters, any potentially hazardous gas is removed from the interior. A higher internal pressure and three-stage air filtration system assures outside hazardous gases (like the extremely toxic H2S), dust and salt-laden air are prevented from entering the living quarters.

Ventilation of technical spaces

Engine room ventilation and ventilation of machinery control rooms are of great importance as it keeps equipment in the engine room clean and in better working order, it increases engine life and reduces the required maintenance. Heinen & Hopman offshore ventilation systems for technical spaces are especially energy-efficient, to ensure ultra-low energy ventilation in case the emergency power systems have to be used.

Fire safety

Fire dampers play an important role in improving safety onboard offshore platforms. Our high-quality fire and gas dampers are specifically suitable for use in offshore ventilation systems to prevent the spread of fire and smoke inside ductwork.

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