Patrol vessel heating system

We understand the environmental challenges encountered by military vessels and how rigorous and varied climate conditions can be. Patrol vessels that operate in extremely cold conditions, require a dedicated heating system to assure continuity of operation. Protection measures to climatically control your equipment environment – like engine room and technical space heating and heating of the emergency generator – are required. We supply dedicated heating systems for navy vessels operating in cold climates, such as de-icing of air inlets and heating for Integrated Mast Modules (IMM).

Reliability is key

We know from experience that total reliability, extreme robustness and 100% performance of the equipment is demanded at all times. We select high-quality equipment with a long lifespan and minimum wear and tear. Executed in stainless steel and/or composite, all our HVAC equipment is extremely durable and suitable for seagoing vessels. In order to reduce maintenance costs and time – and consequently increase the operational availability of the vessel – we aim to make our HVAC systems as maintenance-friendly as possible.

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