OHVS Heating

A heating system is required to guarantee continuity of the Offshore High Voltage Station’s operation in cold conditions. The electrical equipment performs within set climate limits. Furthermore dry air and static electricity can negatively impact operation of the installed electrical and electronic equipment. Therefore, accurate humidity control can play a major role in designing our heating systems for OHVS’s. Humidifiers can be integrated in our heating systems to avoid very dry air and static electricity.

Robustness & Maintainability

Reducing the risk of expensive downtime is our main priority when designing the HVAC system for your OHVS. We aim to provide our clients with an HVAC system that excels in terms of robustness, easy maintainability and safe operation. By selecting high-quality materials, like stainless steel and titanium, corrosion is prevented and reliable performance of the HVAC system throughout the substation’s lifetime can be guaranteed.

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