OHVS Air Conditioning

Offshore substations require a controlled indoor climate to maintain the temperature, relative humidity and air quality within the design limits in order to ensure optimum operation of installed electrical and electronic equipment. Cooling is essential for proper functioning of the vital parts of the substation as most OHVS equipment have a lot of heat dissipation.

Nothing but the best

To prevent overheating and failures of the OHVS, Heinen & Hopman will design, deliver, install and commission high-quality air conditioning systems that are suitable for a marine environment. We use high-end and sustainable materials to assure suitable and reliable cooling systems for the design lifetime.


As most equipment in the OHVS is electrical, moisture – and thus the chance on corrosion – is unwanted. Through dehumidification, the humidity level can be controlled within the required setpoints. Dehumidification can be done centralized or local, either by a dehumidifier, air handling unit or local cooling unit.

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