Motor yacht air conditioning

A pleasant temperature, the right humidity level and a low noise level are among the most important conditions in order to experience comfort onboard. Humans generally feel at ease between a very limited temperature and humidity range. A high-quality Heinen & Hopman air conditioning system conditions the air right into the human comfort zone, even in the most hot and humid climates. Air conditioned air also prevents corrosion, which is of great importance for the quality of onboard materials and equipment.

Basically unnoticeable

Our air conditioning systems for motor yachts are completely custom-built according to the client’s desires and technical requirements. Taking into account the proposed area of operation, yacht layout, desired target temperatures, number of occupants, construction materials etc. we carry out a total heat-load calculation for the entire vessel and design a system that perfectly fits your needs. Our air conditioning technology is silent, vibration-free and perfectly integrated in the vessel’s design. The technology is unnoticeable, but the comfort certainly isn’t.

Save on fuel costs

We aim to contribute to the sustainability of the yachting industry by constantly researching and developing environmentally-friendlier options for our clients. Our custom-built Turbocor chillers for example, reduce energy consumption by up to 50% compared to chillers using traditional compressors. A green alternative that saves you money on fuel costs as well.

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