Mine countermeasure vessel ventilation

The ventilation system maintains the quality of breathing air in the vessel, protecting the crew and sensitive equipment from potential hazards, like explosion, fires, and excessive heat. As mine countermeasure vessels operate in close proximity of the minefield, their features must guarantee the achievement of very low acoustic and magnetic signatures (to avoid the activation of the mines’ sensors) and of very high shock resistance (to withstand the underwater shock wave).

Full chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) protection

Operating more and more under the threat of an attack by TICs and TIMs (Toxic Industrial Chemicals & Toxic Industrial Materials) naval vessels need to be well-protected. Reliable CBRN filter systems are required to protect the crew of mine countermeasure vessel against the many gases, vapours and aerosols that could be released in an accident or terrorist act. Our CBRN filtration system provides clean filtered fresh air, free from CBRN contaminants in an over pressure citadel. Three levels of filtration (coalesce, dust, and composite filtration) are applied to incoming air before it’s supplied to the citadel. The over pressure citadel removes the need for occupants to wear gas masks and protective clothing during CBRN attacks.

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