Mine countermeasure vessel air conditioning

Our state-of-the-art air conditioning technology assures the crew can do their job in the highest level of comfort – even in the most extreme climates. Designing a well-balanced air conditioning system – while at the same time controlling noise levels – requires specialist knowledge and a thorough investigation of our clients’ needs. With over 50 years of experience in air conditioning technology, Heinen & Hopman knows how to assure you of a comfortable indoor climate.

No cooling, no warship

In a combat encounter the objective of the opposing force might be causing critical equipment to fail (weapons systems or cooling equipment of weapons systems), leaving the ship defenceless and forcing a withdrawal. As most modern combat systems require cooling, if the cooling system fails, so too does the weapons system. Therefore, Heinen & Hopman air conditioning equipment has a high resistance (MIL S 901 compliant) to underwater explosion shocks.

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