Fishing trawler refrigeration systems

The length of time a fishing vessel can remain at sea depends on the time the fish can be stored onboard without getting spoiled. Our means of preservation extend the storage life without compromising on the quality of the catch, so fishing vessels can remain at the fishing grounds until the hold is full – improving the economics of fishing. Our wide range of refrigeration products covers any kind of refrigeration installation onboard a fishing vessel, both for freezing or cooling the catch at sea.

Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) systems

Teknotherm RSW units provide rapid chill-down and storage of the catch in refrigerated sea water. Storing the catch in RSW is an effective and cost-saving method of preserving until landing ashore or further onboard processing. The catch is cooled to close to the freezing point of seawater within a minimum time through a highly efficient RSW chiller.

Freezing systems

Quick-freezing at sea will become more and more necessary, as near water fisheries become overfished or are unable to satisfy the growing demand of an ever increasing population. Fish which have been frozen at sea are of very good quality when landed; therefore, more time is available for the fish to be distributed over a wider area and still be in good condition. Teknotherm supplies effective and economical solutions – such as plate freezing and air blast freezing in combination with low temperature storage – custom-built for your fishing vessel.

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