Ferry mechanical ventilation systems

When passengers choose a ferry as their mode of transportation, they expect to enjoy their crossing in comfort and arrive well-rested at their destination. Part of the passenger comfort is determined by the indoor climate. To achieve a pleasant indoor climate, the ventilation system must comply with strict requirements regarding air flow, temperature and noise.

Car deck ventilation

During vehicle loading/offloading operations, flammable vapours and noxious fumes are evolved. A car deck ventilation system is a must when you want to guarantee adequate air circulation (an increased number of air changes) to ensure that any concentration of vapours or noxious fumes does not become a hazard to health.

Fire safety

Safety is the number one priority onboard ferries, where a fire could put people’s life in serious risk. When a ship catches fire, the fire detection system should be activated immediately and shut down the ship’s air conditioning and ventilation systems. Our ventilation systems are equipped with high-quality fire and smoke dampers to prevent smoke and fire from spreading through the HVAC system.

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