Expedition yacht air conditioning

Exploring the most remote places on earth, expedition yacht owners might find themselves discovering tropical destinations, such as South Pacific islands, where other technical requirements apply. Expedition yacht owners can enjoy their voyages in the tropics in perfect thermal comfort with state-of-the-art Heinen & Hopman air conditioning. Even in climates with extremely high temperatures and humidity our redundantly executed air conditioning systems cool the interior of your expedition yacht to a comfortable level. Even tenders and toys can be housed in an air-conditioned tender garage to prevent corrosion.

Cruising the most extreme conditions

Sea temperatures in tropical areas can reach as high as 35 �C, putting a strain on a ship’s systems. An adjusted cooling capacity assures enough cooling capability to cool both accommodation areas as well as technical spaces. This way, we keep engines and equipment from overheating while cruising warm waters.

Responsibility towards natures

Travelling to ecologically sensitive areas obliges both a responsibility and a respect towards nature. We aim to reduce an expedition yacht’s emission by decreasing the HVAC system’s power consumption through recycling energy and smart design.

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