Expedition cruise ship refrigeration

An expedition cruise combines world-class indulgence and absolute discovery. The provisions required to provide the ultimate expedition cruise experience need to be kept in top condition. Our reliable refrigeration technology assures provisions stay fresh and guests can enjoy high-quality meals. To meet SRtP requirements, we design the cooling and freezing for expedition cruise ships in two separate systems. If one of the systems gets compromised, provisions are still available during return to port in the other system.

Sustainability is our priority

In our quest to make HVAC&R more sustainable, we’ve developed cooling technology which reduces fuel consumption significantly. Currently, we are also investigating acceptable, and especially save, alternatives for high-GWP refrigerants in marine applications, such as ammonia, carbon dioxide and propane.


Onboard cruise ships, hygiene is key to disease prevention. We’ll assure you of USPH-proof equipment. For example, the components in cold room evaporators are enclosed with stainless steel panels. Furthermore, we’ll make sure all equipment is easily accessible for cleaning and non-corroding materials are used.

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