Expedition cruise ship air conditioning

Our advanced air conditioning technology assures passengers can enjoy their holiday in the highest level of comfort, whatever the expedition’s destination is. We continually adjust the airflow inside passengers’ cabins in order to achieve the desired climate to make sure unpleasant fluctuations in temperature are avoided. The result: perfect and silent cabin comfort.

Highly efficient

After propulsion, the HVAC system is the largest fuel consumer onboard – and saving on fuel costs directly affects a cruise company’s profit. Our lightweight VAV cruise cabin units and cruise fan coil units provide energy-efficiency without compromising comfortable conditions in the cabins. Intelligent automation, such as CO2 control, balcony door sensors and continually analyzing user data in individual cabins, results in a minimal waste of energy. Furthermore, we can supply air handling units that are equipped with a heat recovery wheel and absorption chillers that make use of the energy from the diesel engines’ waste cooling water.

Improved indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) plays a vital role in passenger health and wellbeing onboard expedition cruise ships, as poor air quality may cause allergic reactions, mold development and the spread of viruses and bacteria. The risk of poor air quality is higher when the air in a ship’s HVAC system is recycled for energy saving purposes. Our air conditioning systems provide sufficient fresh air and regulate the humidity level of the circulated air. Advanced filtration technology minimizes the presence of bacteria, allergens and highly contagious viruses.

We take several measures to meet USPH requirements, focusing on the prevention of transmission and spread of particulates and microbial contaminants through the HVAC infrastructure. For example, our air handling units are equipped with access panels and designed and installed to be accessible for periodic inspections and air intake filter changing. The condensate collection pans are readily accessible for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

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