Dredger heating systems

The dredging sector is a heavy industry that sets high demands to the equipment that is used during dredging activities. Dredging ships must be able to handle diverse weather conditions from temperatures below zero to a desert climate. Dredging in cold climates requires additional measures to keep the crew warm and uncomfortable and keep equipment operational. Especially in these areas where harsh environmental conditions prevail, a reliable heating system is of uttermost importance.

Reduced energy and maintenance costs

Cost-competitiveness plays a huge role in land reclamation projects and constructing and maintaining ports and waterways. Energy-efficiency reduces fuel costs and reliable equipment results in improved continuity of operation. Our redundant heating systems for dredgers consist of state-of-the-art components and materials so we can offer our clients a high level of reliability, uninterrupted operation and low maintenance costs. By re-using the waste energy from engines and generators in our heating systems we can achieve substantial energy savings.

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