Dredger air conditioning

Dredgers are often deployed in extreme environments and the onboard construction equipment generates huge amounts of heat during operation. Our state-of-the-art air conditioning technology assures your hard-working crew can enjoy their time off duty in the highest level of comfort – even in the most extreme climates. Designing an air conditioning system that takes into account the heat loads generated by machinery and the extreme climates in which dredgers operate, requires specialist knowledge. With our experience on the biggest and most powerful dredgers in different fleets, we can assure you of a system with the right cooling capacity for your vessel.

Crew’s health

The health of your crew is extremely important as it impacts productivity, and consequently profitability. Our air conditioning systems are equipped with a high end filtration system that prevents the transmission and spread of particulates and microbial contaminants through the conditioned air.

Energy-saving solutions

Efficiency is key in the dredging industry and saving on energy consumption results in lower fuel costs and reduced operation costs. Our air conditioning systems are carefully designed to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. By implementing heat recovery technology for example, waste heat produced by the vessel’s generators is re-used to warm up air in the air handlers. Onboard LNG powered ships, we re-use the cold energy by directing it through a smart system of exchangers.

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