Cruise ship heating

Our reliable heating technology for cruise ships keeps everyone onboard warm and comfortable when cruising in cold weather. The Heinen & Hopman group has extensive experience in designing HVAC systems for ships operating in temperatures as low as -50°C. Executed in durable materials, all our HVAC equipment is super sturdy and suitable for seagoing vessels.

Energy-saving solutions

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) continues to be a major consideration for cruise ship operators, so we are always researching and developing energy-saving HVAC technology in order to improve this. For example, we can supply air handling units that are equipped with a heat recovery wheel and absorption chillers that make use of the energy from the diesel engines’ waste cooling water. Significant energy savings are also achieved by applying intelligent HVAC automation technology, such as CO2 sensors, analyzing user data and adjusting accordingly, balcony door sensor etc. Our SCADA system acts as a complete energy management system. Through collection and analysis of information from a big number of sensors in the HVAC systems, we can log how the vessel is operated. By performing an energy analysis of the vessel and adjusting settings and programming based on the actual vessel operation data, optimized energy management is achieved.

Easy maintenance

In order to prevent the formation of mold, mildew and bacteria, the HVAC system needs to be disinfected regularly. Our HVAC systems are designed and installed in such a way that the equipment is easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance work. In case of a system malfunction, the problem can easily be located thanks to an advanced automation systems, which centrally monitors and controls the complete HVAC system. Remote access to the HVAC system through an internet connection allows us to provide remote service and troubleshooting, avoiding long response time and expensive onboard service engineer visits.

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