Cruise ship air conditioning

When passengers board a cruise ship, they are about to have an experience of a lifetime. Their expectations of comfort and luxury are therefore high – and the indoor climate is part of the overall impression. Our state-of-the-art air conditioning technology assures the right air temperature, air flow rate, humidity level and sufficient fresh air. By continually adjusting the airflow inside passengers’ cabins to achieve the desired climate, unpleasant fluctuations in temperature are avoided. The result: perfect and silent cabin comfort.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) plays an increasingly important role, as airborne diseases are a common problem on cruise ships. We take several measures to prevent health issues and humidity related, focusing on the prevention of transmission and spread of particulates and microbial contaminants through the HVAC infrastructure. To meet USPH requirements, our air handling units are equipped with access panels and designed and installed to be accessible for periodic inspections and air intake filter changing. The condensate collection pans are readily accessible for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

Reduced energy-consumption

The AC system is often specified based on excessive capacities in order to ensure passenger comfort while cruising in tropical climates. This leaves us significant room for improvement regarding energy-efficiency when the cruise ship is sailing in less demanding climates or when the ship isn’t fully occupied. By monitoring passenger flow and occupancy of each area, cooling capacity gets transferred to the areas where needed. Our lightweight VAV cruise cabin units and cruise fan coil units provide energy-efficiency without compromising comfortable conditions in the cabins. Intelligent automation, such as CO2 control, balcony door activated cooling sensors and continually analyzing user data in individual cabins and adjusting accordingly, results in minimal waste of energy. Converting excess heat into refrigerant for air conditioning, our absorption chillers provide another opportunity for significant energy-savings and better profitability. And – of course – all our air handling units are equipped with a
heat recovery wheel.

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