Construction vessel ventilation

A well-dimensioned ventilation system provides accommodation areas onboard construction vessels with sufficient fresh air to assure high indoor air quality for the crew. Fresh air is vital to both personnel and machinery and the wellbeing of the crew affects its productivity. With a Heinen & Hopman ventilation system, you are assured of fresh air onboard while noise and vibration levels are kept to a minimum.

Ventilation of technical spaces

Engine room ventilation and ventilation of machinery control rooms are of great importance as it keeps equipment in the engine room clean and in better working order, it increases engine life and reduces the required maintenance. Our Heinen & Hopman ventilation systems – equipped with a well-dimensioned intake louver system – increases the lifespan and performance of machinery, metal structures and electronic systems by preventing corrosion. Even in the most harsh and unforgiving environments on our planet.

Preventing the spread of fire

During the design of your ventilation system we consider structural elements and particularly ducting and its routing through bulkheads and decks. Any penetration of bulkheads and decks are potential conduits for fire and that’s why the right design and installing certified fire dampers are crucial.

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