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Seasonal Blog: Summer
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Seasonal Blog: Summer

– by Peter Koelewijn, 27-07-2018

The summer period is a time when most people enjoy a few weeks of well-deserved rest. Together with family and friends, we travel to exotic locations and enjoy fun in the sun and heat. And of course, the beach goes hand in hand with a cool refreshing drink. Most of the time you’ll be able to find a place to buy what you need directly on the beach – but what if you’re in a place where there are no such facilities?

Cooling without a fridge

Let’s say there’s only you, a bottle of water – or some other ‘refreshing’ liquid – and a towel you brought to lie on. Well, there is a trick that will provide you with an energising cool bottle even if there is no refrigeration available. It is simple: take the towel and make it wet. Then take the bottle and roll it in the wet towel – make sure you wring the towel out a bit – and lay it directly in the sun.

The power of evaporation

Why would the bottle get cooler in the sun, you ask? It’s simple: the water in the towel will evaporate in direct sunlight. Evaporation is a change in phase – that is, the water transforms from liquid to gas. This process requires energy in the form of heat. In other words, heat will literally be pulled out of the bottle.

The art of chilling out

This is actually exactly the way your fridge works, or the freezing cell inside a commercial vessel, or the wine cooler of a luxury yacht. Here at Heinen & Hopman, we have made it an art to manipulate the evaporation process. We use it in a wide variety of forms to achieve thermal comfort for our customers in all kinds of situations.

Summer greeting

This applies even if the situation is in a holiday period. We imagine not everybody can make it to the beach this time of year. Projects have to go on and vessels have to keep sailing, and in the warm summer sun, air conditioning is a necessity. You can rest assured that, even during the summer holiday, Heinen & Hopman has a team of engineers and technicians on hand at all times. 

We wish all our clients and suppliers a wonderful and relaxing holiday period!

Peter Koelewijn | Sales Manager

Peter Koelewijn has been working at Heinen & Hopman since 2001. Starting out as a mechanic, he gained valuable field experience mounting ducts and pipes for various shipbuilding projects. Five years later he switched to engineering, where he worked his way up from draughtsman, to engineer to site manager, leading teams of HVAC mechanics at one of the largest shipyards in Germany. The last couple of years he has been working as sales manager, combining knowledge from the field and the office to find the best solutions for our customers.