Stena RoPax Vessel

Stena RoPax Vessel
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Country of deliveryChina
Delivery year2020
Length214.0 M
OwnerStena RoRo
ShipyardAVIC Ship
SubsidiaryH&H China
Vessel typeRoPax Ferry

HVAC | Stena RoPax Vessel

We are proud to announce that Heinen & Hopman China was awarded the EPC contract to supply the complete HVAC system for a RoPax vessel for Stena RoRo. The 214-metre ship will be built by Chinese shipyard AVIC Ship International, who is specialized in RoPax and RoRo vessels. It is the fifth in the Stena E-Flexer RoPax class. The new ferry has been signed to a 10-year bareboat charter with DFDS and will operate in the English Channel between Dover and Calais. The ship will be designed to the highest technical and environmental standards and will offer an anticipated 25 per cent lower fuel consumption compared with current operation.


Heinen & Hopman China will supply the HVAC for the living quarters, cargo hold ventilation, engine room ventilation, machinery space ventilation and provision cooling. Limited space and noise and vibration requirements are the main challenge for this project. For energy saving purposes, a heat recovery wheel will be incorporated in the ventilation systems.

Design Conditions

The following design conditions are specified:

Design conditions summer

Outside: 32˚C/70% R.H.
Inside: 24˚C/50% R.H.

Design conditions winter

Outside: -20˚C
Inside: 22˚C/30 – 50% R.H.

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