Shanti Sagar

Shanti Sagar
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Country of deliveryTHE NETHERLANDS
Delivery year2017
IMO NO.9802451 & 9802463
Length104.5 M
Name vesselSHANTI SAGAR 17 & 18
Vessel typeDredger

HVAC | Shanti Sagar 17 & 18

In early 2016, Royal IHC sold two IHC Beagle® 8 trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHDs) to Adani Group, India’s largest private multi-port operator. The two IHC Beagle® 8 vessels have been added to Adani’s fleet in line with its impressive expansion, and used for the maintenance and development of its numerous ports.

About the IHC Beagle® series

The IHC Beagle® series achieves high levels of efficiency and maximum uptime as a result of its uniform design and the use of high-end components. The vessels are reliable performers, with an emphasis on operational excellence. While standardised, the two IHC Beagle® dredgers have been equipped with a bespoke set of options. For example, SHANTI SAGAR 17 is deployed for capital dredging with challenging soils, and has therefore been equipped with a heavier draghead and additional propulsion power.



Picture Courtesy of Royal IHC

Air Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation

Heinen & Hopman was awarded the turnkey contract to provide the engineering, construction and installation of the air conditioning and mechanical ventilation system. Two central air handling units – suitable for mixing, filtering and cooling of the air – maintain the accommodation, wheelhouse and galley at a comfortable temperature. A chilled water unit provides the required cooling capacity to remove the unwanted heat from the air.

Design conditions

The air conditioning system has been designed based on the following design conditions:

Outside-Inside Summer

Outside: 35˚C – 70% R.H.
Inside: 25˚C / 50% R.H.

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