OSU Research Vessel

OSU Research Vessel
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Country of deliveryUnited States of America
Delivery year2020
Length193 ft (58,8 meters)
OwnerNational Science Foundation, operated by Oregon State University
ShipyardGulf Island Shipyards, LLC
SubsidiaryLeBlanc & Associates, LLC
Vessel typeResearch Vessel

HVAC&R | Research Vessel for Oregon State University

We’re proud to announce that our subsidiary LeBlanc & Associates, LLC was awarded the contract to supply the HVAC&R for an oceanographic research vessel, to be built by Gulf Island Shipyards, LLC for Oregon State University.

Better understanding our changing oceans

Oregon State University has just received a grant of $121.88 million from the National Science Foundation to spearhead the construction of a new class of research vessels for the United States Academic Research Fleet. The first vessel is slated to be operated by OSU for research missions focusing on the U.S. West Coast. This new class of modern well-equipped ships is essential to support research encompassing marine physical, chemical, biological and geologic processes in coastal waters. These new vessels will provide valuable scientific capacity for better understanding our changing oceans.


Special emphasis is put on minimizing noise and vibration

LeBlanc & Associates, LLC will deliver the HVAC, mechanical ventilation and provision cooling for the research vessel. In order to ensure proper performance of the scientific instrumentation on board, there is special emphasis on minimizing vibration, airborne noise, and underwater radiated noise from equipment on board the ship. An engine waste heat recovery system will be used to support the vessel heating load, making the HVAC system more energy-efficient.

Design Conditions

The HVAC installation has been designed to maintain the following inside conditions at the stated ambient conditions:

Outside-Inside Summer

Outside: 37˚C/90%R.H.
Inside: 24˚C/55%R.H.

Outside-Inside Winter

Outside: -/-20˚C
Inside: 21˚C

More information

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