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Country of deliveryTHE NETHERLANDS
Delivery year2017
IMO NO.1012907
Length74.00 M
Name vesselNEW SECRET
Vessel typeMotor Yacht


NEW SECRET is a gracious beauty, very good-looking but with a sophisticated discretion. The yacht was built in 2017 in the Netherlands at Amels shipyard and joins PLVS VLTRA in the Amels 242 fleet. As with her sister, the exterior lines come from the drawing board of renowned British designer Tim Heywood, but NEW SECRET differs from her sister ship in having a completely white superstructure. Her interior styling was created by Winch Design on the owner’s request.

The layout includes a master suite, two VIP staterooms, two double cabins, and one twin. The yacht also has an extended spa area and large swimming pool. It has accommodations for up to 19 crew.


A perfect indoor climate

Few onboard systems are more crucial to the comfort and well-being of yacht owners and their guests than the climate control system. Heinen & Hopman has supplied three types of air conditioning systems; one serving the owner- and guest spaces, one serving the crew area and one serving the service spaces.

Design Conditions

The following design conditions were requested:

Summer conditions

  • Outside: 35˚C/75% R.H.
  • Inside: 22˚C/55% R.H.

Winter conditions

  • Outside: 0˚C/80% R.H.
  • Inside: 22˚C/35% R.H.

Reduced energy-consumption & emissions

In order to save energy, the AC system serving the luxury and owner-related spaces has been equipped variable air volume control (VAV). Furthermore, a custom-built Turbocor chiller  produces the chilled water for the AC system. Turbocor compressors consume up to 50% less energy than traditional compressors.

More information about this project?

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*Photo courtesy: AMELS

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