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Country of deliveryTHE NETHERLANDS
Delivery year2017
IMO NO.9817418
Length50 M
Name vesselHOME
Vessel typeMotor Yacht

HVAC | MY Home

MY Home is another exceptional proof of Heesen’s unrivalled commitment to quality. The vessel is the first Heesen-built yacht with hybrid propulsion for silent cruising and reduced environmental impact. Home has already won five international awards for innovation!

Silence, the ultimate luxury

In this case ‘hybrid’ means that the yacht can draw on two sources of power for propulsion: diesel mechanical and diesel electrical. Either or both sources can be used at the same time. This provides less noise and less vibration. The hybrid propulsion operates near-silent in electric mode.


The best of both worlds

MY Home achieves lower fuel consumption and a higher top speed when the diesel engines and electric motors are combined. The efficient hull form allowed for installation of smaller engines, which also aids in lowering fuel consumption. MY Home is a high-performance and comfortable displacement yacht with reduced environmental impact.

Turn-key climate control solution

Heinen & Hopman was responsible for turn-key delivery of the HVAC&R, fresh air system, sanitary treatment system and grey/black water system, from initial design and engineering to installation and commissioning. An additional cooling system was designed and installed to cool the equipment that enables electric propulsion.

Air conditioning system

A seawater-cooled, custom-built chiller provides 100% of the required cooling capacity. The air conditioning system was based on the following design conditions:

Outside-Inside Summer

Outside: 35°C/90% RH or 40°C/65% RH
Inside: 23°C/50% RH

Outside-Inside Winter

Outside: 0°C
Inside: 20°C

Engine room ventilation

Heinen & Hopman was also involved in selecting and designing a suitable engine room ventilation system to provide optimum performance in the various propulsion modes:

  • Silent cruising mode (completely electrical)
  • Eco mode (two main engines without generators)
  • Diesel mode (two main engines  and one generator)
  • Boost mode (two main engines and two generators)

More information

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*Image courtesy: Heesen Yachts | Photographer: Jeff Brown

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