Celebrity Revolution

Celebrity Revolution
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Country of deliverySingapore and The Bahamas
Delivery year2019
IMO NO.9189419/9192387
Length294 M
Name vesselCelebrity Millennium and Celebrity Summit
OwnerRoyal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
Passenger capacity2138 PAX
ShipyardSembcorp Marine and Freeport Ship Services
SubsidiaryHeinen & Hopman HQ
Vessel typeCruise vessel

HVAC Refit | Celebrity Revolution

As part of Celebrity’s modernization program called Celebrity Revolution, two cruise ships in Celebrity’s Millennium-class were refitted in the first quarter of 2019. With stunningly redesigned accommodations, luxuriously updated restaurants and lounges, guests are ready to meet a modern luxury experience while sailing to the world’s most incredible destinations.


Revolutionary accommodations

With every stateroom of the ships refreshed, the vessels will be complimentary to guest’s wishes and meet Celebrity’s Edge-class quality. When redesigning the accommodations, every detail has been carefully thought out, with guest comfort at the front of mind. Every detail has been raised in standard and every comfort has been refined. By the end of the Celebrity Revolution, the entire fleet will have the same quality, design essence and consistency of modern luxury, putting its fleet on ‘the edge’. All accommodations will feature a fresh, chic design reminiscent of the best boutique hotels in the world.


Green HVAC technology

Celebrity Cruises prioritizes sustainability, and the modernized on board area’s and state rooms will be equipped with advanced environmentally-friendly technology to reduce emissions, using energy recovery solutions and energy-efficient equipment in the HVAC systems.

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