A Galeotta

A Galeotta
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For the new RoPax in the broad fleet of Corsica Linea, Heinen & Hopman Italy has successfully supplied the HVAC system to provide air conditioning to the accommodations. The vessel was built at the family-owned Visentini shipyard, based in Donada (Porto Viro), Italy. A Galeotta is the biggest ship ever built by Visentini. 

NameA Galeotta
YardVisentini Shipyard
TypeRoPax – MDO/LNG powered
Length206.6 m.
Persons transported1,000 (crew included)
Trailers2,600 lm

LNG reduces emissions

Corsica Linea’s vessels provide year-round services from Marseille, the main trading port in France. They also offer regular crossings to the Corsican ports of Ajaccio, Propriano, Bastia and Ile Rousse, as well as direct connections to the seaside resort of Porto-Vecchio. By using the LNG, the French shipping company expects to reduce NOx by 85 percent and CO2 by 25 percent and achieve zero sulfur emission and fine particles.

Safe Return to Port class requirements

The vessel meets the requirements for “safe return to port”, which means that the passengers and crew have a safe area in the vessel, with proper climate conditions and food/water. The HVAC systems are designed so that their functions in designated areas are not compromised when one of the main vertical fire zones or a watertight compartment is compromised. This means creating clear possibilities for separation (piping) and splitting capacities of main equipment for cooling, heating and provisions and installation in at least two different zones.

Heinen & Hopman HVAC

Heinen & Hopman was awarded the contract to supply the HVAC for the accommodation as well as the chilled water plant and hot water plant. The air conditioning units are fitted with a heat recovery wheel system or air recirculation bypass, with a view to decrease the consumptions on the chiller units and the hot water system.

Design Conditions

Outside-Inside Summer: +35ºC/60%Rh — +23ºC/50%Rh
Outside-Inside Winter: -10ºC/90%Rh — +22ºC/50%Rh (only Pax)

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