Freezer trawler for Engenes Fiskeriselskap

Freezer trawler for Engenes Fiskeriselskap
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Country of deliverySpain
Delivery year2021
Length70 M
Name vesselT.B.A.
OwnerEngenes Fiskeriselskap AS
ShipyardAstilleros Gondán
Vessel typeFreezer Trawler

HVAC&R | Freezing Trawler Engenes Fiskeriselskap AS

Teknotherm was awarded the contract to supply the HVAC and refrigeration for a freezing trawler for Norwegian ship owner Engenes Fiskeriselskap AS. The freezer trawler will operate mainly in the North Atlantic, Barents Sea, and Svalbard waters. It will be operated for heading, gutting, and freezing of whole white fish. Engenes Fiskeriselskap’s new vessel is designed for bottom trawling as well as pelagic trawling. It will have a modern factory deck arrangement to handle and freeze both white fish and shrimps, and ensure a high quality catch. The vessel is designed by Kongsberg and can accommodate up to 29 crew members.

Astilleros Gondán Shipyard

The highly advanced fishing vessel is to be built by Astilleros Gondán in Spain. Established as a family company, Astilleros Gondán draws on vast shipbuilding experience to optimize their business in all its different phases, from conceptual design to sea trials. The shipyard’s success is based on faithfully fulfilling their commitments to their customers, strictly adhering to the agreed upon quality, conditions and delivery deadlines.

HVAC and refrigeration by Teknotherm

Teknotherm will supply the complete system delivery for this vessel, consisting of a cargo refrigeration plant with a total freezing capacity of approximately 80 tons per 24 hours, and maintaining a cargo hold of appr. 1400 m3 at -30°C. Further a provision refrigeration plant which is intended for cooling of the provision rooms, and a complete HVAC system is to be delivered.

The vessel’s chilled water system for HVAC is cooled by ammonia through a water cooler integrated in to the freezing system, having a designated ammonia compressor operating on demand from the chilled water system.

Design conditions

The following design conditions were requested for the HVAC system for this project:

Summer conditions

Outside: 30°C / 50% R.H.

Inside: 22°C / 50% R.H.

Winter conditions

Outside: -20°C

Inside: 22°C


Det Norske Veritas GL +1A, Stern Trawler, ICE 1B (HULL: ICE1A*), E0,


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