RSW System

RSW System

Refrigerated Sea Water (RSW) systems are used onboard fishing vessels to preserve large catches. Storing the catch in an RSW system is an effective and cost-saving method of preserving the catch until offloading ashore or further processing onboard. In a minimum amount of time the catch is cooled down close to the freezing point of seawater, assuring its freshness and quality during transport.

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How does an RSW system work?

In an RSW system, seawater is recirculated by pumps through the tanks and the chilling system. Before entering the tanks, the seawater is chilled by the refrigeration equipment. The seawater is distributed evenly over the complete bottom cross-section of the tanks through a set of perforated plates or similar distribution devices. The chilled seawater passes upwards through the tank and layers of fish, thus keeping the fish semi-floating and simultaneously cooling it. The water returns through suction screens in the top of the thanks to the chilling unit of the system and, subsequently, the circulation process is repeated.

RSW storage tanks

The storage tanks are normally constructed side by side to cover the width of the fishing vessel. The tanks are usually loaded to a capacity of approximately 80% fish and 20% water (depending on the type of fish). In order to minimize the possibility of heat entry as far as possible, the tanks are adequately insulated. Furthermore, the tanks are equipped with over-flow and equalizing pipes and the interior surfaces of the tanks have a smooth finish.

Custom-built for your vessel

The RSW system can either be supplied as self-contained unit(s) or as separate components. According to the client’s request, we can install the equipment anywhere onboard as long at the pumps are situated as low as possible.

Environmentally friendly options

Our RSW systems can also be operated on various types of modern refrigerants, such as ammonia and halocarbon.

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Get in touch to find out more about the possibilities of our refrigerated sea water systems for your fishing vessel. Download the RSW System brochure for detailed information and technical specifications.


RSW System

RSW System

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