Galley Induction Ventilation

Galley Induction Ventilation

Cooking is the one thing that puts the most heat into a vessel. A galley induction ventilation system removes most of the heat, while fumes and contamination are extracted and thus prevented from entering other compartments of the vessel. Our galley induction ventilation system helps creating a perfect air envelope around the cooking area. The system consist of:

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  • Galley range hood suitable for induction;
  • Central Air handling unit for air supply (induction and treated air);
  • Exhaust fan for air extraction;
  • Control and monitory system.


By feeding air from the central air handling unit directly to the galley range hood, lower energy losses can be achieved, because not all the treated air in the kitchen is extracted by the galley range hood. This way, the galley is not only free from fumes, smells and contaminants; moreover cost savings are realized by reducing energy consumption. Main advantages are:

  • Cost-effective and energy-saving;
  • Perfect working conditions for end-users;
  • Fully customizable solutions for galley ventilation.

The system is equipped with a fully customizable SCADA Control system.

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Galley Induction Ventilation

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