Refrigerator and Freezer Cabinets

Refrigerator and Freezer Cabinets

Many yacht chefs are passionate about their workspace, they prefer to work with the best equipment available. First and foremost, the galley is a technical space, designed to facilitate one of the most important on-board activities: eating. Good looking food is a good thing, but nothing beats freshness. Of all the galley factors to consider, chefs agree that storage is important, but refrigeration is crucial.

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Thanks to years of experience in supplying high-quality HVAC and refrigeration in the maritime sector, Heinen & Hopman has developed a stainless steel fridge cabinet as well as a stainless steel freezing cabinet. Sloping walls and floors, shutters, special-made doors, shelves; all desires can be taken into account.

Unique advantages

  • Directly connected to the onboard network (optionally)
  • Extra thick wall which reduces heat and sound transfer to a minimum (whispering) and improves performance in galleys and other locations, improving energy efficiency
  • Insulation (PIR) walls have a higher thermal performance, these are flame and smoke resistant
  • Full-height LED lighting in the entire cabinet
  • Shelves vertically adjustable every 12,7 mm (½”)
  • Optimal air circulation and therefore longer shelf life products
  • Optimal design resulting in a large net cabinet volume
  • Refrigerant R449a non-flammable and low GWP
  • In line with very high quality in the yachting industry.

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Refrigerator and Freezer Cabinets

Heinen & Hopman has developed a stainless steel Refrigerator cabinet and a stainless steel freezing cabinet.

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