Battery Room Cooling

Battery Room Cooling

Marine propulsion systems are highly developed. From paddle wheels to steam turbines and from sails to LNG engines. Electric or hybrid propulsion is an interesting option for ships that always sail the same route.

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The battery rooms onboard vessels need to be cooled to provide a stable temperature to ensure the battery capacity. It is also important to reduce energy consumption, as the HVAC systems power the installed batteries and are one of the main consumers on the ship. The less energy we use for HVAC systems, the smaller the battery pack can be.

Three types of battery vessels

Vessels with battery rooms onboard can be divided in
three types:

  • Vessels that are propulsed by 100% battery-power
  • Vessels with hybrid propulsion
  • Vessels that run on battery power under special operation profiles or to use for peak shaving or support the main engine.

Available options

To cool down the technical spaces onboard, Heinen & Hopman offers battery room cooling systems. There are two main different types of batteries; air-cooled batteries and water-cooled batteries. Therefore we have four systems to cool the battery room onboard:

  1. Individual (single) cooling system
  2. Battery cooling system for air-cooled batteries
  3. Battery cooling system for water-cooled batteries
  4. Thermal energy management system

More information about Battery Cooling

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Battery Room Cooling

The battery rooms onboard electric or hybrid propulsion ferries need to be cooled to provide a stable temperature to ensure the battery capacity.

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