Offshore HVAC Companies

Offshore HVAC Companies

Offshore HVAC companies provide an offshore installation with  the best high-quality HVAC systems which are resistant to the extreme environmental conditions associated with operating offshore. Heinen & Hopman is an expert in the offshore industry and is one of the offshore HVAC companies that gained experience in installing HVAC systems in Zone 1 and Zone 2 locations. Our offshore HVAC products are safe, durable and reliable, as they are often exposed to salty environments and hazardous areas. Our engineers are always abreast of the latest offshore classification requirements, such as DNV, Lloyds, NDM and NORSOK. We can design many different HVAC products for the offshore industry:

  • Explosion proof HVAC systems
  • H2S filtering systems
  • Purge/pressurisation systems for living quarters
  • Oil mist filters for cleaning oil-based air (mud pit rooms)
  • Mud pit ventilation
  • Shale shaker ventilation
  • Tip extraction for welding torches
  • Welding fume extraction
  • HVAC solutions for the offshore wind industry

Tailor made offshore HVAC systems

At Heinen & Hopman, we partner with our clients to develop tailor-made solutions. We are not afraid to think outside the box. Our specialization is to incorporate clients’ specifications in customized HVAC systems, no matter how demanding. Don’t hesitate to contact us with unusual requirements, because we are eager to come up with a solution.

Worldwide 24/7 service

We also offer 24/7 service and spare parts availability worldwide so you can contact us at any time you may need our assistance.

More information about offshore HVAC

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more detailed information and advice regarding your requirements and discover how we can help you.