A marine HVAC unit by Heinen & Hopman that measures the pressure and dew point

Marine HVAC Systems

Marine HVAC Systems

Marine HVAC systems by Heinen & Hopman are custom-built and of the highest quality available. Since its establishment in 1965, the company has gained a wealth of experience by providing more than 15.000 vessels with heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration systems. Our systems are designed, manufactured, tested and installed by true HVAC professionals, resulting in perfect climate control solutions. Heinen & Hopman delivers complex HVAC&R systems for all things afloat, including navy frigates, merchant vessels, offshore rigs, luxurious yachts, cruises, dredgers, and more.

Custom-built marine HVAC systems

We can design marine HVAC systems for any type of vessel. We have served the merchant and yachting industry as well as the offshore and navy industry. After a thorough assessment of your objectives and requirements, our engineers design the best HVAC&R solution for your vessel. If desired, we can design HVAC systems that are:

Explosion proof

  • Our explosion-proof HVAC systems are designed to operate safely in potentially explosive environments, minimizing the risk of ignition and ensuring safe operation.


  • Our systems are built to withstand strong physical impacts and vibrations, ensuring reliable performance even in the harshest maritime conditions.

Electromagnetically compatible

  • We design HVAC systems that are electromagnetically compatible, preventing interference with other onboard electronic equipment and ensuring smooth operation.

Equipped with Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) filtration system

  • Our HVAC systems can include NBC filtration systems, which provide protection against nuclear, biological, and chemical contaminants. Ensuring safe and clean air, no matter the outside environment.


  • For the optimal experience onboard, our HVAC setup is designed to operate with minimal noise.


  • Our HVAC solutions are designed to minimize energy consumption, reducing operating costs and environmental impact.

Suitable for zone 1 & zone 2

  • Our HVAC systems are suitable for zone 1 & zone 2 hazardous environments, meeting stringent safety standards and ensuring safe operation in areas with explosive atmospheres.

Global 24/7 service

Heinen & Hopman has a 24/7 global service network at your disposal. You can contact us at any time you may need our assistance. One of our experienced engineers will answer your questions and help you with any problems. Heinen & Hopman holds an extensive stock of spare parts as well, available through our require spare parts form.

More information about marine HVAC systems

With decades of experience, we stand out for our dedication to quality and innovation. Our systems are not only designed and manufactured to the highest standards but also tested and installed by HVAC professionals. This ensures reliable and efficient climate control solutions for any maritime need.

For more information regarding marine HVAC systems, have a read through our knowledge base. Here, you can find all sorts of deep dives into our products and solutions.

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